Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wire Brush Rollers

Wire brush rollers are perhaps the most classic at-home curlers and easiest to use. There are actually two types: the older ones where the mesh is woven out of wire and the newer ones where it is fabric or plastic. If buying vintage, watch out for the mesh : it can be broken or frayed, and if fabric, disintegrated. The brushes also wear and sometimes fall apart. If you do see some with the wire mesh, grab them. They are the best: more solid that the fabric ones, easier to set, and generally better made as many vintage things are.

These curlers are really easy to use. They are easily secured in place with plastic piks or metal pins, and because of the brush stay neatly wound which is important for air drying, particularity overnight. Another good thing is that at least one of modern versions of the curlers (Conair) are well made and easily available.

On the down side, the brushes are a little itchy which can be a problem if you have a sensitive scalp. Placing a folded piece of tissue under each roller can help, but its a nuisance. Also, depending on your hair and particularity if it is longer and has a tendency to frizz you can get entangled with with these curlers, ruining the effects of your set as you remove them. So a piece of advice is try them and see if they work for you. If not try something else. And never experiment on a day when you hair has to look good in case something doesn’t turn out as expected. Advice you will hear me repeat again and again!

Coming next: vintage plastic brush rollers, the best ever!

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