Saturday, April 26, 2014

What's New in Hair Dryers (in 1965 that is!)

I came across this article showing the different home hair dryer types available 1965 in the May Hairdo issue. It interesting to look at and might be a useful reference if you are looking planning to purchase a vintage dryer. (As always for a bigger view, right click with your mouse on the image and select View Image, then left click).

I have the Oster rigid hood dryer on this the first page. Its a great as an interesting piece of vintage, but not quite so good as a dryer.

 The GE dryer below is worth mentioning. They seemed to have moved to the heating element to the end of the hose just where it attaches to the bonnet to keep the hose cool. I'm not sure I would want a heating element that quite that close to my hair. Seems a bit dangerous!  What must have been the previous model of that dryer had the heating element in the main dryer body like all the others. I have one and its a great dryer, being remarkably quite. It also also a "reach in" bonnet so you can check or re-adjust your curlers without removing the hood, great for fixing that one roller that's just too tight. I'm not sure if the "improved" model below has the same feature.