Monday, November 14, 2011

The best salon dryer photo ever!

Don't these two ladies look wonderful? We should all go out and buy a case of Coca-Cola to say thanks for that Ad ... or at least drink a Coke the next time under the dryer.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How long does it take to set your hair?

Lack of time is often the reason why not to do a classic wetset. But how long does it really take? I timed myself last night - trying to do it quickly: 11 minutes is all it took. Take a look:

Unfortunately not the greatest picture. I had to choose between flash for a clear shot, but washed out colors, or fuzzy and better colors. Took the better colors. Not the neatest set in the world, but I was going to prove speed, not perfection. You can see the double piks in each curler for nice even tension and comfort. And certainly done well enough for sleeping in. 12 hours later curlers still securely set and ready to be removed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Braun Floating Bonnet Dryer

This dryer was originally from Germany (Braun is a German company). This ad from the 60s (translated) says you can hardly feel the dryer as is floats on a cushion of air, and is so quite you can even make a phone call. Not in my experience, at least with the North American version. The fan isnt that strong, and the top of the dryer dyer which holds the fan sits on your rollers. The fan is also quite loud, being almost right on you're head. Its too bad - it sounds so to have a hood blow up and float nice an securely on your curlers while you go about your business. Maybe those dryers worked better when they were new. Has anyone else any experiences with them? The lady in the ad certainly looks happy with her dryer. Maybe its the first dryer she had and the luxury of a home dryer more than compensated for any shortcomings it had.