Sunday, November 13, 2011

How long does it take to set your hair?

Lack of time is often the reason why not to do a classic wetset. But how long does it really take? I timed myself last night - trying to do it quickly: 11 minutes is all it took. Take a look:

Unfortunately not the greatest picture. I had to choose between flash for a clear shot, but washed out colors, or fuzzy and better colors. Took the better colors. Not the neatest set in the world, but I was going to prove speed, not perfection. You can see the double piks in each curler for nice even tension and comfort. And certainly done well enough for sleeping in. 12 hours later curlers still securely set and ready to be removed.


  1. i want to see how it turned out! I typically set pincurls while i watch tv. I do it so much i dont need a mirror and it takes about 10 minutes. even if i wrap with rollers it only takes 10 minutes. I have shoulder length hair cut in small layers.

  2. 45 min for me (thick textured hair, past shoulder length, magnetic rollers) but I'm still learning