Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas 1960s Style

Merry Christmas to everyone and the Best wishes for the New Year!

Thanks to every one who has been reading my blog or better yet, commented or emailed/messaged me! Unfortunately November/December was very busy so I really didn't get around to posting much. I hope I will have more time next year.

The December issue of many vintage magazines have special Christmas hairdo instructions, not surprising given in many ways people apparently dressed up more (or better!) in those days than we do now. I'm going to cheat a bit and post a few pages from Hair Secrets from December 1970, so just past the end of the decade but a very nice how to do typical aspects of fancy Christmas styles. Take a look:

Virtually all the holiday styles would have been done with wetsets, and since may households were not lucky enough to have a dryer, sleeping in curlers would have been the most common way to dry. But with longer hair on medium or small rollers, hair wouldn't always dry completely overnight (and as you may know, it must be totally dry for a set to take). Redbook in 1962 provided and answer - wear a turban over your curlers.

The turban above is apparently over the rollers below. You really wouldn't know it!

The article refers to "the frequent sets of the holiday season" and that you could use the turban for shopping trips, picking up guests from the train station (yes, people didn't fly much in those days) or even go to a luncheon with it. One can only imagine there would have bene frequent checking of the turban to make sure it is on properly!