Saturday, September 10, 2011

So what is a vintage wetset?

Wet hair is wound and secured in curlers (and the vintage types work best), dried either naturally or with a dryer, and then brushed and/or combed into place. A style done this way can last a much longer that with hot rollers or irons, and can be less damaging. This picture is from a vintage late 1960s or early 70s package of hair rollers.

These rollers are Wil-hold plastic brush rollers, probably some of the most popular curlers at the time for salon use but also for at home (and this package was intended for home users). They occasionally appear on eBay and in my opinion they are some of the best rollers ever made. (More about Wil-hold rollers later).


  1. Hello, I just found your website! I have some brown plastic mesh rollers with roller piks made by Morris-flamingo. Made in Hong Kong. 10 pack. I have four of the 10 pack rollers. Diameter probably a half inch with egg/oval shaped holes throughout the rollers. What do you think they are worth? I know they are vintage because I can not find them on the Internet. I am thinking about selling them. I do not know of anyone with hair that short that wants it rolled. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi! Well vintage rollers usually are up for bids anywhere from $5 to $35 or more for a bunch on ebay, but its really hard to predict what they will actually sell for. Scan ebay to see what things are selling for. Why not put them up for bid as a bundle on ebay at whatever you would be happy to get for them and what you feel is worth your effort(is it really worth the effort for as little as $5? I doubt it!). Maybe $35? If they are in great condition and look really vintage,and are in the original packaging, maybe more? Be sure to include a picture and put the ad in the right ebay categories so the right bidders see them. Good luck.

  3. Thank you for input! I decided to try craigslist first. If they don't sell, I will be experimenting on a mannequin with them to see how tight of a curl I get. Smile.