Monday, January 30, 2012

1960s Pillows for Overnight Sets

Its always important to find the right pillow for a comfortable night set in curlers, and it hardly a surprise that in the 60s when sleeping in curlers was so common, that a number of pillows made just for that purpose appeared on the market. Somehow these two survived the decades in their original packaging. Take a look:

I have tried the second one and it its really great to snuggle up with although the foam in it isn’t as bouncy as it originally must have been. Haven’t tried the first one yet, and I'm somewhat hesitant to open the plastic it having survived so long unopened. Perhaps I'll update this when I try it sometime!


  1. What a find! Can't believe you snagged these in their original packing.

    I have a crescent-shaped pillow that looks very similar to the second one, but it never occurred to me that I could use it to make sleeping in curlers more comfortable. I should dig it out--it's no fun to wake up with gorgeous hair and a headache.

  2. Its amazing what sometimes shows up on ebay - and if you can believe it, I came across it by accident!

  3. It's always difficult to find anything vintage in its original package! Lucky find, I didn't know such a thing existed... looks comfy!

  4. I've never heard of this but always wondered how women used to sleep with curlers in! Glad they are nice to snuggle up to! XxxX