Monday, October 10, 2011

Overnight Sets – Part 2 - Practice

Its probably worth doing an evening set almost every day for a week before trying an overnight set. After a week you should have the roller tightness just right to be as secure as possible but not uncomfortable. You also get more used to be in curlers which tends to make wearing curlers feel more comfortable. Along those lines, if possible, try spending a day in curlers. If you still feel comfortable after being in curlers for hours, you are ready to try setting overnight.

For you first attempt at sleeping in curlers, do dry your set before going to bed. That way, if your set isn’t perfect and comfortable after its dry, you can always decide tonight isn’t the right night after all. If you set does seem perfect, cover it in a nice smooth scarf to protect it (smooth is important - you don’t want the scarf to get entangled in the curlers). Make sure you have fluffy soft pillow. If you sleep on you back, scrunch the pillow so it supports you neck reducing pressure on your head. If you sleep on your side, support you cheek with the pillow. You may find it hard to sleep in curlers at first, so try it the first few times on a weekend. If you have never done it before, it might take a week to get used to. But don’t give up after the first day or two, anything worthwhile does take some effort. The good thing is you really do get used to it, and sleeping in curlers becomes second nature.

Its also a worthwhile to experiment what works for you. I really hate sleeping in wet hair, but sleep well in curlers if it is dry, so I always dry before bed. The nice thing is the that the dyer always makes one sleepy and find going to bed in still warm curlers so cozy that it can really be quite enjoyable. Also try drying if you have trouble falling asleep set. In spite of the hair being dry, you will still have the advantage of better set due to the extra time in curlers as well as the convenience of waking up ready to take you curlers out.

(Photo taken from a Kindness hot roller ad from the 60s. She looks so content in her curlers makes one wonder f she really would go out an buy some hot rollers.)

Look for part 3 in a day or so!

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